This new update add some new features!

  • New building system:
    • It is now possible to build structures for the tribe! Each building adds a small improvement to your camp.

      Buildings available in this update:

      • Torch: Illuminates the darkness!
      • Fire: Allows you to rest and illuminates the darkness.
      • Totem: Increases daily fervor by +5.
      • Hut: Increases tribe space by +1.
      • Corral: Provides +1 food per day but eliminates a space for hunters.
      • Cuksee Fruit Garden: Provides +1 food per day but eliminates a space for collectors.

  • New tutorial and task system:
    • The tribe's shaman can now give you tasks. At first, these tasks serve as mini-tutorials for new players, but once these small tasks are completed, the shaman may give you a task to perform during the day. These tasks are rewarded with fervor points for the tribe.
  • Misc:
    • Trees now give more wood
    • Big rocks give more stone
    • It is now possible to collect seeds. Look for them in the tall grass.
    • It is now possible to collect Cuksee Fruit. They can be found throughout Aurk Valley.
    • Improved some collisions with objects.
    • Possibility of moving the camera freely when your tribe chief dies in an assault.
    • Added more Steam achievements.


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Feb 02, 2023

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